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Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom decorated with mono-tonal palette.

It may be hard to imagine a yearning to snuggle down under the covers again, but now is the time to re-evaluate your bedroom design and prepare to cocoon yourself in comfort. If you’re looking to layer textures and fabrics to warm you through the cooler months and create a haven to hide away in, here are five places to start in the bedroom to get the look you love for the ultimate bedtime retreat space.

1. Your bed

Set the scene for a good night's sleep with a bed that’s dressed to perfection. Luscious linens, layers of warming quilts, blankets and bedspreads, all topped with a careful selection of gorgeous accent cushions and throws to suit your bedroom decor.   Since we spend almost one third of our lives in bed, modern bedroom ideas suggest that a good night’s sleep starts with a quality, sturdy bed base and a supportive mattress. Whatever your preference, whether it’s firm, soft or somewhere in between, an investment in the right bed can make or break your time spent in it and the quality of your sleep for years to come. Talk to the experts, take time with your decision and try before you buy. 

2. Bedside table

Not only your best friend in terms of handy storage, your beside table is a great place to express your personal style. Quirky or vintage, modern or country, make this furniture piece work hard to express your decorating flair. Make a statement with a designer find or revamp an heirloom or found piece with a fresh coat of paint and new handles or drawer pulls. For a more contemporary look, invest in a matching pair of designer bedside tables to pack a punch next to your bed. Must haves to style up your bedside table:

  • Lamp
  • Tray for jewellery
  • Water glass or carafe
  • Alarm clock
  • Place to store reading material

3. Flooring

Your bedroom is the perfect space to splash out on super comfortable flooring – it’s the first place you’ll step each morning and last place you’ll stand at night, so make a choice you’ll love for some time. If you’re locked in to hard flooring, consider a rug underneath your bed for that extra touch of luxe and to ward off the chills. A small rug or natural hide will do the job but if you want to go bigger, a size of at least 2.5m by 3.5m works well, positioned under the base of the bed with the long edge going from side to side and covering the floor where you both get in and out.

4. Lighting

Getting the lighting right in the bedroom is important – it’ll have to be both functional and moody to create the right ambience as you retire and perhaps to read by at each night. For overhead lighting, consider the tasks performed in the bedroom and answer your needs with a combination of lighting to address all of these tasks – lamps for reading, overhead lighting for dressing, cleaning and more practical uses and nightlights where necessary for kids or where moving around at night is required.

5. Window treatments

Layering curtains and/or blinds will not only help to insulate your home against the changing seasons, it can help to regulate sleep patterns too. The ability to control the natural light that comes into your room will help to work in with your body’s natural circadian rhythms for better sleep. If you’re a light sleeper consider installing blackout curtains as well as a sheer layer of fabric to allow for privacy. If curtains are not your thing, roller or roman blinds may be a better option, or perhaps plantation shutters where your bedroom faces directly into the sun. This will provide a solid barrier against the weather, helping to manage energy bills by keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

6. Storage

A bedroom without adequate storage is bound to end up collecting the clutter of everyday life. Clothes and washing, jewellery and shoes, papers and books all contribute and can build up over time without organisation and room to put things away. If space is a premium, consider making space elsewhere, such as the garage, attic or other rooms. Storing away off-season clothing and footwear leaves room for what is being worn currently. You will find your wardrobe more inspiring if you’re not looking at the same things day in, day out and you’ll look forward to swapping in each new season as the weather changes. Top tips to maximise bedroom storage

  • Store jewellery in designated, divided boxes that are within easy reach
  • Scarves, ties and other accessories will also be forgotten if not close to hand
  • Invest in drawer dividers, hanging storage and see-through containers to organise and colour-code your shoes, handbags and accessories