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Bring the office home with these 6 styles

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For many, the idea of going to the office five days a week is now an outdated one. Over two years of working from home have created the ultimate hybrid conditions where workers can choose the best way, and the best place, for them to work. While there was a kind of novelty about working from the sofa (maybe even bed?) at first, now a better set-up is needed to best support ‘the new normal’. Thankfully, it’s very easy to create a chic home office or designate a small area of the home and outfit it with the items necessary to make the working day enjoyable. This guide will take you through different styles of home office set-ups to help you create a practical and chic working area.

1. The scandi set-up  

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The Scandi trend is here to stay and it’s easy to see why. Minimal without being clinical, it combines practicality with stylish furniture pieces. Bonus points: it’s easy to achieve on a budget too. The Scandi look is all about a mixture of natural materials, fabrics, and a lack of clutter. To achieve the look in your home office look for a great desk, made from light or medium-toned wood. Not everything has to match exactly, instead look for items in the same tone family, like warm or cool. A palette of neutrals is typical, with small pops of natural hues like terracotta and forest green. Use textiles to bring some warmth - a textured rug, a cushion or two, or even fabric wall-art. Finally, add in a couple of plants to complete the look. 

  • Minimal, not clinical
  • Light, airy colours and a neutral palette
  • Fabrics add texture
  • Pops of colour through natural shades
  • Focal point: wooden Scandi desk

2. The botanical & business-ready

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Who says that an office or an office area has to be devoid of life? Brighten up your working day with a selection of plants or choose an existing green corner to perch a compact standing desk or laptop stand. Plants aren’t just decorative - many types help to purify the air too. Electronics and water don’t mix well, so it’s vital to ensure that the two don’t make contact. A laptop stand will elevate your laptop from the surface or you can use plant stands and pot saucers, which are both stylish and practical. If you have a green corner in your home already, consider adding a slim standing desk; they’re incredibly versatile and space-efficient. You’ll transform a decorative part of your home into a double-use space. Opt for a theme with your plant pots or mix and match different colours and textures for an eclectic feel. 

  • Pretty and practical
  • Easy to transform existing space
  • Use laptop stand or standing desk to elevate electronics
  • Pick pots in the same colour scheme
  • Mix and match different colours and textures of pots to add interest

3. The cosy creative 

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Not every home has enough space for a separate office but that doesn’t mean that you can’t carve out a space for work. Take a look around for any empty corners or empty stretches of a wall. Any of those can be converted into cosy work nook. Shop for compact home office furniture or opt for a folding or standing desk, which can fit into small spaces. With this trend, you’re looking to complement the existing decor of your home to help the nook blend into your surroundings. Think about vertical space - shelves that can be hung above the desk space, which are both useful and decorative. Use art and plants to add interest to the nook, making it an area that you can use for work and also practice creative hobbies. 

  • Easy to create a nook in any-sized home
  • Slim and compact home office furniture 
  • Vertical space for storage, like shelves 
  • Add art and decorative items
  • Complement the existing interior of your home

4. The start-up chic

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The industrial chic style is popular with anyone who misses the look of a modern office. Think spacious, practical, sleek, and with lots of tech dotted around efficiently. All white, or a mix of white and chrome, is typical of this style, aiming to replicate a start-up atmosphere. If you have the space, consider placing the desk in the middle of the room instead of next to a wall which makes better use of the whole space. Multiple hanging wires can look unsightly and interfere with the sleek aesthetic; invest in wire organisers to help tidy them up. A modern office shouldn’t be lifeless. Add a few plants to help purify the air and liven up the space. Go for light-coloured plant pots or metal ones to match the clean and modern look. 

  • Light coloured furniture
  • Ergonomic desk chair
  • Cable organisers
  • Plants to add life

5. The tech haven 

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Aesthetics aren’t everything and for many home-workers, practicality will come first. Anyone who needs double screens, spends their time streaming or recording, or simply needs a lot of tech within reach throughout the day will choose a set-up that can accommodate all those needs over something that simply looks good. Thankfully, both are possible. Measure your space and shop for the biggest desk you can fit - look for ones with in-built storage and any add-ons like shelving that can perch on top. A large desk will be ideal for keyboards, multiple screens, speakers, a drawing pad - anything you might need within your hand’s reach. A cable organiser is likely to come in handy, helping to avoid multiple wires getting messy. Think carefully about your lighting; you might want to add curtains if you’re by a window to reduce glare. Likewise, your desk lamp should be not too warm or cool-toned to make working more comfortable for your eyes. Finally, invest in a home office chair that will really support your back.

  • Large home office desk
  • Storage solutions
  • Cable organisers
  • Curtains to regulate light
  • Comfortable home office chair

6. The classy modern 

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The classic study is called that for a reason - it never goes out of style. While a classic study evokes dark colours and heavy furniture, its modern cousin takes a lighter approach. Wood is still present, but instead of outfitting the whole room in a deep mahogany, beech and blonde woods are favoured, alongside mid-tones like walnut. Leather pieces will always look timeless and a leather office chair combines comfort and practicality in one. To achieve the modern look, shop for pieces that feel lighter, combining traditional materials (wood, leather) with modern or industrial touches. Display books or create a separate reading nook, if you have the space, with an elegant armchair. Add personal knick-knacks, like souvenirs collected from your travels, and family photos too - the space should feel cosy, professional, and reflect you. 

  • Opt for light to mid wood finishes
  • A leather office chair
  • Add personal touches like travel souvenirs
  • Combine classic elements with modern ones
  • Display books for decoration

Transform your office into a homely hub for productivity

When styling your home office or working nook, remember to balance aesthetics with practicality. After all, you’ll be spending the majority of your day working in that space and it needs to serve your professional needs. This doesn’t mean that it has to be dull as it’s easy to inject style and personality by using interesting textures, art, and fabric in the space. 

Transforming a space in your home into the perfect home office couldn’t be easier. Draw up a shopping list today and pick everything you need in one place. 

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