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Front garden & home entrance ideas from The Block’s Karina Chambers

Federation house in white with tidy front lawn.

Credits: Katrina Chambers | @katrinas_instagram |

Katrina Chambers is a familiar face within the digital and social space with her highly successful blog ‘Katrina Chambers Life & Design’ talking all things home, interiors and DIY. She was also a contestant on The Block in 2011. Hear what she has to say about creating the perfect front garden and home entrance. 

There are many ways to jazz up your front entry (painting your front door pink like mine, for example!). But a simple way to increase your curb appeal that you can do right now, is grab some large pots plus a hardy outdoor plant or two and place them by your entryway.

They will instantly transform the space and create a welcoming feel for yourself and your guests. This was a no-brainer styling idea when we were on The Block. Below is a list of easy to care for plants and a few styling ideas too. 

Your curb appeal shopping list

Lilly pilly

Plants like Lilly Pilly, or a topiary of any kind, will be hardy and green all year round.

Stylish pots

Place a pot either side of your door for a formal entrance. For a casual look, place a group of pots on one side.

Ferns for shady spots

Green, leafy ferns in planter boxes are great if you want something low either side of your door.

Add a pop of colour

Lavender or Petunias work well for that pop of vibrant colour.

Fragrant citrus trees

These always look excellent and kumquat trees bring good wealth I am told! 

Trendy fiddle leaf fig

A fiddle in a geometric pot looks striking (though, I’d personally be very careful with a fiddle outside being exposed to the elements – a faux fig might work better if you want that look).

Chic succulents

in bowls and stands grouped together are super low maintenance.  Find out more about Katrina here: @katrinas_instagram