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The Gift of an Experience: 8 Ideas for a Special Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and this year, mums deserve even more of a treat. To save you from last minute panic buying, we suggest a personal approach that’s more likely to leave a lasting impression: the gift of an experience. Both thoughtful and personal, experiential gifts don’t have to cost a lot. Sometimes they can be assembled with the things you already own or with minimal investment. The trick is to create a sense of occasion and memories you’ll both cherish for years to come. Below are 8 ideas to try this Mother’s Day!

1. Surprise Breakfast with Beautiful Servingware 

Suprise Breakfast with Beautiful Servingwear

Breakfast in bed is a tried and true classic, with good reason too. It feels like a real treat to wake up to your favourite drink and delicious food, without having to leave the warmth of your bed. To pull this off effectively, think about how easy it would be for your mum to both balance and eat her favourite breakfast dish in bed. Breakfast tacos could get messy, for example! But with a big enough tray, anything is possible. 

Plan ahead and decide on a recipe or the items you’ll be serving, buy ingredients beforehand, and set your alarm to wake up before mum. Whatever you’re serving, take the time to present it well - think about small details like plates, napkins, and a tray. Adding a pretty decoration like fresh flowers is always a lovely idea. Try a mixture of savoury and sweet foods, plus juice and tea or coffee to complete the morning feast.

  • Favourite breakfast 
  • Plates, glasses, serving platters 
  • Jugs & pourers 
  • Teapot and set 
  • Linen table cloth 
  • Placemats and coasters 
  • Flowers & vase
  • Coffee machine

2. Transform the Bathroom into a Luxurious Spa

Spa Day

Set up a spa-like experience for your mum to encourage her to relax and unwind. The first step is to clean the space and then take inventory of what’s needed. Fresh towels are a must; you can also decorate with native flowers or eucalyptus branches. Scent the space using candles, a reed diffuser or a combination of both. A bubbly bath is the main draw. To make it even more luxurious, combine aromatic bath salts or a bath bomb. Lay out some beauty products like face and hair masks, body lotion, and foot cream. You can also leave a glass of wine or a calming tea alongside a book or a magazine you know she likes for that added touch of luxury.  

  • Bath products - salts, soaks and bombs 
  • Scented candles & diffusers 
  • Fresh towels - egyptian cotton, textured, waffle etc
  • Luxurious bath robe and slippers 
  • Skincare - facemasks, body butters  

3. Set up a Home Cinema Experience 

Home Cinema

Transforming your home into a cinema (or just throwing a movie night!) is fun for the whole family. Make it special for mum by choosing a movie you know she’ll love. If you can, get a projector and set it up, either indoors on a blank wall or outside, combining movie watching with a picnic. If you’re watching a film outside, grab some blankets to sit on, cushions, and a few throws in case the temperature dips. Thinking about your outdoor lighting, candles can help create the feeling of a vintage cinema and their light isn’t as harsh as lamps. You’ll then need plenty of snacks. Popcorn is of course classic and pizza is welcome too. Go for small, snackable items that won’t be too messy to eat during the film. Get some drinks - a mix of wine and non-alcoholic options for everyone to enjoy.

  • Projector (optional) 
  • Favourite films or home movies 
  • Favourite snacks & wine 
  • Cushions, pillows, throws 
  • Lighting to create ambience 

4. Create your own DIY Cork and Canvas Night

Cork and Canvas

A cork and canvas night consists of painting while drinking your favourite beverage - an easy one to recreate at home if your mum is a fan of either or both. Start by getting the art materials ready. You’ll need a canvas, acrylic paints, brushes, aprons or clothes that can get paint on them, and a drop sheet to catch any falling paint. You can set up a laptop and choose an instructional video for your mum to follow or arrange items in a composition for her to draw, like flowers, a fruit bowl, or a stack of books. Next comes the all important drink of choice. Get her favourite style and a few snacks that’ll accompany it well, like cheese or olives. Give her the time to paint alone and unwind or join in on the fun for a group activity. 

  • Canvas, art book and easel 
  • Paint (we recommend acrylic for easy use and clean up)
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint apron or old tshirts
  • Dropsheet 
  • Favourite snacks & wine 

5. Flower Bouquet Making 

Flower Bouquet Making 

Gifting a bouquet is always a good idea - who doesn’t like flowers? But making your own bouquet can be even more fun as every part is customised to your taste. There are lots of tutorials available online that you can follow along with your mum. In terms of materials, you’ll need flowers and foliage. A florist or your local supermarket is a natural destination as they’ll have a large selection but you can also forage for some branches and grasses yourself. Grab some garden scissors or pruning shears, twine, and a vase to arrange the flowers in. Wine, while optional, is also encouraged. 

  • Flowers from florist as well as an expedition into backyard foraging 
  • Vase 
  • Twine 
  • Garden scissors or pruning shears 
  • Ribbon and wrapping (optional)
  • Optional: her favourite wine and snacks

6. The Great Mother’s Day Bake Off

The Great Mother’s Day Bake Off

Turn the heat up this Mother’s Day with a bake 0off-style competition. This one’s great if your mum is a fan of the Great British Bake Off! Decide on a recipe beforehand; pick something that you know she’ll love eating, as well as something that she’s baked before so she can be a discerning judge in the competition. A Victoria sponge or cupcakes are relatively easy. Buy all the ingredients and check that you have the right equipment. Then, rally her kids and grandkids - it’s time for everyone to compete for the crown! Tidy the kitchen, presenting everyone with the ingredients, cooking utensils, recipe, and an apron. Set a timer for 90 minutes or so to add to the action of the competition. Invite mum to help competitors, particularly the young ones, if they get stuck or need some of her baking expertise. Once the timer goes off and everyone’s baked goodies are out of the oven, it’s time for your mum/grandma to judge. Arrange for a small prize to be given to the winner such as a little trophy or new cake stand. Despite the playful competition, all competitors will be seen as winners in mum’s eyes, and we know she’ll be chuffed to have a great Bake Off dedicated to her!  

  • Recipe and ingredients 
  • Aprons 
  • Cookware and utensils (mixing bowls, wooden spoons, spatulas, etc.)
  • A fairly spacious kitchen
  • A small trophy or baking related prize

7. Surprise Backyard Picnic

Surprise Backyard Picnic

A backyard picnic is always a treat, especially when everything is ready ahead of time and mum is asked to sit back and enjoy. Set up the area first using a picnic blanket and cushions or your outdoor furniture set - pick the most comfortable options you know your mum will enjoy. If you’re cooking, keep it simple and delicious with a selection of sandwiches (open-faced styles are popular right now), different cheeses, olives, crackers, nuts, and fresh berries for dessert. Keep an ice bucket nearby with wine, prosecco, or juice. Select pretty servingware for the picnic and ensure that there are enough napkins for everyone. Have a speaker playing music and bring a few games that the whole family can enjoy in between grazing. 

  • Outdoor dining furniture or picnic rug 
  • Picnic basket
  • Ice bucket and wine 
  • Grazing table or pre-made meal 
  • Picnic servingware 
  • Food containers for leftovers

8. Personalised Family Coffee Table Book

Personalised Family Coffee Table Book

We all have hundreds if not thousands of photos on our phones, but rarely do we take a close look at them together. Turning those photos into a thoughtful personalised photobook is going to delight mum. Not sure where to start? Think about major holidays, events, and holidays from the past few years, selecting the best photos representing those moments. Any photos that remind you of good times and have the family laughing will also put a smile on her face. Once the photobook is ready, style it on the coffee table together with flowers or a scented candle, surprising her with the book and your presentation. 

  • Personalised photo book 
  • Coffee and pastries 
  • Flowers and vase 
  • Trays, candle holders + other decorative accessories

Give the Gift of Experience this Mother’s Day

This year, trade impersonal Mother’s Day gifts for experiences she’ll appreciate and remember for years to come. They don’t have to be complicated or expensive to make an impact. Think about what your mum enjoys most and spend some time planning ahead to make this Mother’s Day that extra bit special. 

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