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Hear from Zac and Roisin on how to pick the perfect white paint for your walls

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Credits: Home: @Geebungalow | Zac and Roìsìn | Photography: Morgan Kelly

Power couple Zac and Roìsìn of ‘Geebungalow’, are currently renovating their post-war home in sunny Queensland. They know a thing or two about choosing the perfect white paint to suit any room - hear what they’ve got to say.  We’ve been renovating our home for the past three years! We both work in full time corporate jobs with no trade experience, but we will always give anything a try. Our weekends are filled with endless trips to Bunnings, lots of painting and usually a margarita or two after a day working on the house!

Choosing the right white paint

What is your process for choosing the perfect white paint?
The colour palette in our home is bright but warm, so for us, we were looking for a very neutral white. We didn’t want it to throw any cool blue or grey undertones and we didn’t want it to be too warm so that it looked yellow. The key to finding the right white for your space is first understanding if you want a cool or warm look and then testing a lot of samples in a few different spaces in the house! Your paint will look different depending on the natural light in the space and the time of day. Our other tip is testing your sample up against your ceiling white. Often a colour will look a certain way in a sample and then once you have it up against your ceiling white it starts to throw undertones you didn’t notice before. 

How do you like to inject colour into the home after creating a beautiful blank canvas?
When you’re creating a neutral colour palette like our house you need to look at texture as much as colours. Although we have a lot of white, cream, and timber tones we make sure to mix up fabrics and finishes to add interest and depth to a space. We also like to inject colour through artwork and soft furnishings like bedding! A blank canvas means the options for colour combinations are endless.

What’s the biggest mistake someone can make when choosing white paint?

Thinking all whites are the same! They are so different and make such a big impact to the look and feel of your home. Be sure to have an idea of the kind of style you’re going for in your home before selecting something as important as paint as this will help you choose what kind of undertone you are going for!