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Must-have wall art tips for your home from Jono Fleming

Art hang in a living room studio style.

Credits: Jono Fleming | @jonofleming | @palettebyjonofleming | Photography: Jacqui Turk 

Interior designer and stylist Jono Fleming shares his insights, and tells us why he loves being a maximalist! Jono Fleming is also the host of House of Style podcast where he interviews Australian creatives and designers.  “There are so many rules in the interiors space that are allowed to be broken, so mix-and-match! It’ll bring visual interest to your wall and bring personality to your collection.” Does wall art have to match? That’s a resounding ‘No’ from the design expert.

When designing a room would you start with furniture and choose art to complement, or vice-versa? 
It’s best to design your room around your furniture first. Spatial planning is key when assembling your home. That’s not to say art doesn’t sometimes dictate your choices in furniture. Colour palettes and mood can be influenced from a key piece, just be mindful of the end product.

How did you select the art for your home, and does it hold significance for you? 
When I moved into my home, I had always dreamed of owning a ‘George Byrne’ style artwork. I was really drawn to his minimal, colour blocked compositions of LA but never thought there would be the opportunity to afford one of his pieces. I ended up at an exhibition of his and had a chat with the man himself, got utterly convinced to buy one and with fantastic programmes such as Art Money set up, I was able to pay off the artwork incrementally. Byrne’s artwork now sits proudly on my wall.

Wall art styles to choose from

Everyone has a unique interior style. What kind of art would you recommend looking for if you have the following taste?
Maximalist: op shops are best to find those one-of-a-kind, unique and quirky pieces.  Coastal: steer clear of the obvious shells and sketches of coral. Try something atmospheric with shots of stormy seas and landscapes.  Scandinavian: it’s all about simplicity and colour palette. Black and whites make for a simple yet impactful impression.  Contemporary: abstract art can be very subjective but try and find the right pieces that suit your taste. Dark, bold colours really give a modern, moody aesthetic when done right.

What size wall art to get?

When it comes to art, it all depends on where you’re hanging it. Large artworks can make a great impact in the home, but you don’t want them to overwhelm a space. Small pieces are great accents but can look lonely on a wall by themselves. It’s a case-by-case situation but most of all, trust your judgement and go with what makes you feel inspired in your home.

Canvas or frame? 

Mix-and-match! There are so many rules in the interiors space that are allowed to be broken. Try different timber frames, a mix of tones, whites, blacks or a mix of framed prints with canvases. It’ll bring visual interest to your wall and bring personality to your collection. 

Where to hang wall art?

Are there any rules around where to hang the art? E.g., Space from ceiling – does it matter? 
I say throw all the rules out the window. I’m currently putting together a gallery wall in my home and I’m approaching it perhaps a bit more haphazardly than desired, one artwork at a time. It can take a while to acquire a full collection, so I’m slowly adding one piece at a time, drilling them into my wall as I see fit. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to hanging art.

What are some out-of-the-box ways to introduce art into your home? 
One thing I’m loving introducing to my home at the moment is sculptural pieces. Vases and objects that take on the form of sculpture are a great way to introduce three-dimensionality to your collection. Clay Canoe is an Australian ceramics team that are making the most stunning sculptural vases, one of these in your home will become a standout focal point for sure! 

Wall art trends 2021

What home trends are you loving in 2021 and do you have any predictions? 
Whilst trends come and go, there’s definitely an emergence in smaller scale artworks. People are loving to style art in unexpected areas of the home, the kitchen, the laundry, even the bathroom! Smaller scale canvases are easy to move and change when it comes to styling so keep an eye out for some cute vintage finds or little postcards you can frame. Think small! I recently released a range of smaller scale artworks. All of them are limited edition prints, fully framed and easy to stand on their own or hang with sticky hooks. Check them out at