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Picnic Party! The essentials for a perfect picnic

Picnic basket on rocks

After such a long time apart, many of us can’t wait to (safely) meet our loved ones again. Thankfully, the warming weather has the perfect solution: picnics! Whether you’re after a quick lunch-time meet or a full day of relaxation and catch-ups, picnics can really do it all. To turn an outdoor meet from a haphazard affair into something that guarantees comfort and convenience, you’ll need a few things first. Below is our selection of items that’ll make you fall in love with picnics again. 

Get comfy with picnic blankets

There’s nothing worse than getting to a picnic and realising that no one brought a blanket. After all, sitting on your jacket isn’t exactly comfortable. A picnic blanket is one of those essentials that you buy once and wonder why you didn’t, much, much earlier. So before you start your picnic planning, get a blanket to fit all of your family and friends on – the bigger the better.

  • No need to worry about how you’ll transport your new picnic blanket. Most of the new styles fold easily into a compact shape and come with handles. 
  • The majority of picnic blankets are waterproof, ensuring that you and your snacks stay dry whatever the weather.
  • Some picnic rugs and blankets even come with a polyester fleece surface, making them extra soft and comfortable to lounge on. 
  • Pick from different designs and great patterns to make yourself easy to spot, whether you’re at the park or the beach. 
picnic rug
Pictured: Large Retro Rainbow Pinks Picnic Rug $69.99 from Adairs 

Keep food cool with baskets & coolers

If you’re serious about your picnics, then you’ll need a picnic basket or a holder to store and transport your food. No more plastic bags (bad for the environment and inconvenient). Think of how often you’re likely to have picnics and a little bit about your personal style to pick the perfect one. Some of the new models are high tech and not only keep food chilled, but can also double as entertainment thanks to features like Bluetooth.

  • For the picnics that require a bit of a hike, a backpack is more practical than a basket. This set includes 4 sets of cutlery, 4 plastic wine glasses, and 4 bamboo plates. A removable beverage holder inside will keep all your drinks secure and cool, and it has a separate compartment for food. Padded straps for comfort.
  • Wow your family and friends with an esky that marries convenience and entertainment in one. It’ll keep vast quantities of food and drinks cool and fresh while allowing you to connect a range of 5V input devices too for emergency charging. It also comes with a built-in FM radio and Bluetooth speaker, so you can really turn your picnic into a party with your favourite tunes. 
  • Insulated carry baskets are an update on the picnic basket that’s as convenient as it is pretty. The design features a waterproof exterior and a metal handle for ease of transport. The zip keeps your treats secure and easy to access when needed.
Pictured: Image 1: Morgan & Finch Erskine Hamper Picnic Basket $129.95 from Bed Bath N’ Table | Image 2: Iceblast Plus Bluetooth Esky 36 Litre $898 from Harvey Norman 

Upgrade with picnic tables & seating

A picnic doesn’t have to take place on the ground. If you’re after even more comfort and convenience, then foldable and easy-to-transport picnic tables and seating are for you. They’ll transform a casual gathering into something a little fancier. A lot of the picnic tables come equipped with handy extras like cheese knives or wine glass and bottle holders. 

  • A perfect place for your drinks and snacks, this sturdy spike-mounted table has wine glass holders in all 4 corners, and room for your food on the natural bamboo surface. Lightweight, weatherproof and easy to set up. 
  • If picnic blankets aren’t your style or if sitting on the ground causes discomfort, then you need a lounger chair – stylish, portable, and, most importantly, comfortable. 
Pictured: Image 1: Bon Bamboo Picnic Table $53 from OZ Design Furniture | Image 2: Sunnylife Deck Chair Kasbah $99.95 from Barbeques Galore

Outdoor cutlery & dining accessories

Single-use plastic cutlery and plates are terrible for the environment and often too flimsy to make the eating comfortable. Investing in a well-designed set of outdoor cutlery and accessories will mean that you always have the pieces you need on hand in one place.

  • Keep your picnic food creations on display and bug free with sweet food covers.
  • It’s not always possible to bring reusable cutlery and tableware to every picnic, especially if it’s a last minute event or one with lots of guests. 
  • Choose compostable picnic essentials that will see you through the picnic without harming the environment. Find spoons, forks, cups, plates, napkins and much more – all made from environmentally-friendly compostable materials.  
Pictured: Image 1: Home Republic Aparri Outdoor Food Cover from $49.99 from Adairs | Image 2: Morgan & Finch Andalucia Dining from $5.95 from Bed Bath N’ Table

Create shade with umbrellas 

As the weather warms up, be sure to plan ahead for your picnic and bring an umbrella, especially if you’re headed for the beach. While wearing SPF is essential outdoors, an umbrella will provide extra protection and comfort, especially for babies and older people.

  • The adjustable stand means you can create shade where it’s needed most. 
  • The umbrella has UV protection for added sun safety. 
  • It comes with a carry bag and is easy to put up and dismantle. 
beach umbrella
Pictured: Daisy Check Beach Umbrella $99.99 from Adairs

Fun with outdoor games

Now that you have a blanket, chair, cooler and crockery, only one thing remains: entertainment. Getting friends and family up and involved in a game or two is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face. It’s especially good for keeping the younger ones occupied. Don’t stop there, good music will keep the party going, so consider investing in a portable speaker that can come with you anywhere. 

Pictured: Image 1: Sunnylife Mega Jumbling Tower Heat Wave $64.95 from Barbeques Galore | Image 2: Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker $199 from JB HiFi

Start packing your picnic

A picnic can be so much more than just a blanket and a sandwich, with a little planning and the right products. With the warmer weather on the horizon, it really is the perfect way to unwind and see family and friends again after such a long time apart. The right accessories will make your picnic a real pleasure and even transform the typically casual event into one that everyone will remember. 

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