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Terrace house design: interior tips from Alisa and Lysandra

Bedroom in white and grey with graphic art.

Credits: The Design Duo Series: Alisa and Lysandra | Project: Albert Park Reno | Photography: Lisa Cohen

We spoke to the creative minds behind The Design Duo, Alisa and Lysandra, about their top styling tips from their latest project – the Albert Park terrace home.

Decorate with bed linen

Your bed will always be the focal point of the master bedroom, so choose textures, tones and colours that bring out your bedrooms’ design theme. Bed linen is a great way to introduce textures and layering to your bedroom, so don’t be afraid to try different sizes and shapes to create heights with your pillows. Alternatively, you can use different materials from natural French linen, to luxurious velvet to add some desirable ‘oomph’!

Soften and style your bathroom

With so much glass and so many tiles in one space, a bathroom can often come off as quite cold, or even clinical. By adding some aesthetic touches such as indoor plants, and some timber grain as an option for a shelf or vanity top, the entire space can be softened with some added warmth. 

Details that matter

Take some time researching the latest in bathroom design, as the small features can often make the biggest impact. An example of this is shower drains! Previously thought of as a simple hole in the middle of the shower area, nowadays we have access to a wide range of floor grates that give a modern twist.

Maximise storage space 

Make as much use of the available space in your kitchen as possible! Efficient storage will reduce clutter and mess, allowing for an easy-to-use space. Where possible, use overhead cabinets to store the items that you might not need everyday, which still need a home. Consider using deep drawers to store cooking pots and crockery as this can often be a more functional way to store items. 

Create a personal gallery 

Long hallways are essentially your own personal gallery and are just screaming out for beautiful artwork to adorn their walls, and if permitting, a full-size mirror. We love a combination of family and personal photos as well as a beautiful piece of art that says something about the people that live in the home, whether it be colours, or a landscape piece depicting your favourite holiday destination. Let your hallway tell the story of your home and set the tone for what’s to come.