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Father’s Day gift ideas for every type of Dad

Fathers Day

Father's Day, celebrated this year on Sunday, September 3rd, is the perfect occasion to say thanks to the remarkable dads, grandads, or father figures in our lives. Finding the ideal gift to show appreciation can be a challenge but tailoring the gift to suit their personalities can be even more special. Here are some gift ideas with a little help from HomeCo:

Sporty Dad

For the sporty dad, you can’t go past quality sports gear. Dad will love pulling on a pair of top-notch runners or working out with the latest gear at home. Consider a gym membership for dad to train in a comfortable space with everything at his fingertips. Or help him cheer on his favourite team with a selection of merchandise. Nothing better than watching the game kitted out in team colours! 

Foodie Dad

The foodie dad's heart lies in his taste buds. Celebrate Father’s Day with a family lunch or dinner at his favourite restaurant. Or relax with a Sunday brunch in a local Café at your HomeCo. Gift him a range of cooking equipment or a set of artisanal spices to elevate his culinary creations. His palate will thank you.

DIY Dads

DIY dads love to tinker and build. A top-notch toolbox or a DIY project kit will be his dream gift. Or a gift voucher to his favourite hardware shop (you know the one!) so he can wander around spending hours choosing the perfect DIY must have. 

Outdoors Dad

Celebrate your outdoorsy dad this Father's Day with adventure-ready gifts! From fishing gear to camping essentials, show him you appreciate his love for nature and exploring the great outdoors. 

Homebody Dads

Homebody dads find solace in their domain. Treat them to a cozy throw blanket or a subscription to their favourite streaming service, ensuring their relaxation is taken care of. Or select some of the latest in gaming consoles and games that you can enjoy together. 

Whatever the type, expressing gratitude with thoughtful gifts showcases how much they mean to us. This Father’s Day let's celebrate not only the roles they play but also the unique individuals they are.

As Father's Day approaches, take the time to select gifts that align with their interests and personalities. Let your gifts reflect the cherished moments you've shared together.