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It's time to get ready for those sunny school days!

School Days

As the final school term begins, it's time to think about the return to school and how to ensure your kids stay nourished and hydrated during those hot Spring and Summer days. Here are some tips for preparing lunches and snacks that will keep them energised and refreshed:

Beat the Heat with Freshness: Opt for cool and refreshing meals that won't wilt under the Aussie sun. Think about salads with crisp veggies and cold pasta dishes with plenty of colourful ingredients.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Staying hydrated is paramount. Make sure your child has a reusable water bottle they can refill throughout the day. You can even freeze it partially to keep the water cool.

Fruit and Veggie Delights: Pack snacks like watermelon slices, cucumber sticks, and cherry tomatoes. These juicy treats are not only delicious but also help keep your kids hydrated.

Dairy or Dairy Alternatives: Include dairy products like yoghurt or cheese sticks in their lunchbox for calcium and protein. If your child is lactose intolerant, there are numerous plant-based alternatives available.

Sun-Smart Choices: Australia's harsh sun requires sun-smart choices. Opt for sun-safe containers and lunchboxes that keep food cool and consider including sunscreen in your child's school bag.

Nut-Free Alternatives: Be mindful of any allergies at school. Choose nut-free snacks and lunches to ensure a safe environment for all students.

Teach Independence: Encourage your child to take responsibility for their own hydration. Teach them to recognise when they need water and how to refill their bottle.

Back-to-school preparations in the Australian summer should prioritise hydration and fresh, cool meals. By packing the right foods and promoting regular water intake, you'll help your child stay comfortable and focused during those hot school days.

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