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Services & amenities

Everything you need to make your visit to our centre a pleasure.

Services & amenities

Click & Collect

There are 4 Click & Collect car spaces at HomeCo. Kotara:

•    Between The Reject Shop and Rivers on the South Side of the centre.
•    Between James Lane and House on the North Side of the centre., 
•    Between The Good Guys and Oz Design Furniture on the North Side of the centre and; 
•    Between Curtain Wonderland and Godfreys on the North Side of the centre.

Centre Management

For any assistance around lost and found or leasing enquiries, you can contact Centre Management via phone at 1300 994 663 or via email.  

Centre Management office is located at Suite 1, Level 1 beside Harvey Norman. 

Parents room

HomeCo. Kotara is a family friendly home and lifestyle destination with a parents room and parents with prams parking available. 

The parent’s room is located on both the North and South Side of the centre.

North Side

  • Between Adairs and Gamble & Brown 
  • Behind The Golden Goat Cafe near the Kids Home playground. 

South Side

  • Behind Gogoro Sushi Cafe

Parking pay stations

In addition to being able to pay at exit boom gates, there are four parking pay stations available.

North Side

  • Near Oz Design Furniture
  • Near Curtain Wonderland

South Side

  • Near Bunnings
  • Near TK Maxx

Accessible services

Accessible amenities and restrooms are located in the following areas:

North Side

  • Between Adairs and Gamble & Brown 
  • Single restroom with accessible amenities behind The Golden Goat Cafe

South Side

  • Behind Gogoro Sushi Cafe


An ATM is located on the North Side of the centre between The Good Guys and Adairs. 

Free Wi-Fi

Enjoy free Wi-Fi while you shop or relax in centre. Connect to KotaraHomeFreeWiFi, available throughout the centre. 

Kids Home Playground

Visit our Kids Home Playground, a fully fenced outdoor play area for kids to enjoy and have some fun. 

The play equipment is covered with a shade sail for sun protection, however always be sure to bring a hat and sunscreen.

The recommended age is 3-8 years and parental supervision is required.

Located between Domayne and The Golden Gate Cafe. Gates open 8.30am to 5pm daily. 

Bicycle hoop

Bicycle hoops are available in several areas for customers convenience.

Location 1: Located near JB Hi Fi on the South Side of the centre.

Location 2: Located near Decorug on the South side of the Centre.

Clothing donation bins

Southern Cross Recycling clothing donation bins are located at the edge of the car park near Bunnings and Beacon Lighting.

Return and Earn Recycling

A Return and Earn Recycling machine (TOMRA) is available for customers to recycle their cans and bottles, located near Nick Scali.