More spaces, more often.

01 Jan - 30 Dec 2023

A new ticketless parking system will be operational at HomeCo. Kotara from Monday August 1 Customers can enjoy three hours free parking to shop, relax and enjoy our range of stores.


What is ticketless parking and how does it work?

The new parking system utilises number plate recognition to take a picture of your number plate when you enter and recognises this at the exit gate.  

If your visit is within three hours, you'll enjoy free parking and can simply proceed to the exit where the boom gate will open automatically. Customers who visit the centre several times a day will still be offered 3 hours free parking, so long as visits are 45 minutes apart.

For customers staying longer than three hours, there are two easy ways to pay for parking:  

1. At any pay station, by typing in your number plate;  
2. At the boom gate.

For a safe and contactless experience, we have gone cashless. HomeCo. Kotara will be accepting credit and debit cards including mobile payments only.

How much does it cost to park at HomeCo. Kotara?

If your visit is under three hours, parking is free. If your stay is longer than 3 hours, you can pay the parking fee with your credit or debit card at a pay station located around the centre or boom gate. You will need to know your car registration when making payment at a pay station.

The system will recognise your parking payment and the boom gate will open automatically. An hourly rate is payable after 3 hours.

Parking rates are below:

Parking Period (Hours)


0 – 3 hours


3 to 3.5 hours


3.5 to 4 hours


4 to 4.5 hours


4.5 to 5 hours


5 to 6 hours


6 to 7 hours


7 to 8 hours


8+ hours
(Daily Maximum)


How do I pay for Parking?

A credit or debit card can be used to pay for parking at any one of our pay stations or at the boom gate upon exiting. The system will recognise your parking payment and the boom gate will open automatically.

How do I keep track of how long I have parked?

You can check what time you entered the carpark by typing your number plate details into any pay station.

Mobility Permit Holder

Customers with a Mobility Permit receive free parking upon presentation of a valid permit at Centre Management.

Terms and Conditions

Full conditions of entry can be viewed at HomeCo. Kotara Centre Management.

Need help?

In Person - Visit our friendly Centre management team next time you’re in centre. They’d be happy to assist!

By email -

Phone - 1300 551 131