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Services & amenities

Everything you need to make your visit to our centre a pleasure.

Services & amenities

Centre Management

Centre management at HomeCo. Peninsula is managed remotely. For any assistance, you can contact Centre Management on 1300 994 663 or via email.  

Click & Collect

Click & Collect bays are marked in blue around the car park.

Many retailers operate Click & Collect from their back of house area.

Please call the store before your arrival to the centre.

Accessible services

Accessible restrooms and amenities are available between Plover and Howards Storage World. 

Parents room

Peninsula Home is a family friendly home and lifestyle destination with a parent’s room and parents with prams parking available. 

The parent’s room is located between Plover and Howards Storage World fitted with microwave, change table & private feeding cubicles.

Van and ute hire

There are two Go with the Gecko vehicles to hire at Peninsula Home. Vehicles will be parked in the car park, opposite Chemist Discount Centre facing Bungower Rd.

To hire these vehicles, visit the Go with the Gecko website to find out more.