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Services & amenities

Everything you need to make your visit to our centre a pleasure.

Services & amenities

Click & Collect

Priority parking is available for Click & Collect on all parking levels. Look for the blue hand signage.

Click & Collect lockers

Alfred Click & Collect lockers located on the North Side in loading dock one, accessible from Hudson Avenue.

Centre Management

Centre Management at HomeCo. Castle Hill is managed remotely. 

For any assistance, you can contact Centre Management via phone at 1300 994 663 or via email

The office is located on the North Side, lower ground basement carpark, near the western side lifts behind Beds n Dreams, look for the yellow wall.

Parents room

HomeCo. Castle Hill is a family friendly home and lifestyle destination with a parents room and parents with prams parking available. There are several parents rooms located throughout the centre:

  • North Side, Level 1 near Provincial
  • North Side, Level 2 near Harvey Norman
  • South Side, Level 1 near Freedom
  • South Side, Level 2 near Service NSW

Fitted with microwaves, change tables & private feeding cubicles. 

Accessible services

Complimentary wheelchairs available at Centre Management when booked in advance.


There is one ATM located on the ground level of the South Side in the food court.

Return and Earn Recycling

A Return and Earn Recycling machine (TOMRA) is available for customers to recycle their cans and bottles, located in the undercover basement carpark on the South Side. 

Clothing donation bins

South Cross Recycling clothing donation bins are located in roof top parking on the South Side.

Van and ute hire

There are Go with the Gecko vehicles to hire at HomeCo. Castle Hill. Vehicles will be parked around the car park.

To hire these vehicles, visit the Go with the Gecko website to find out more.

Community library

Located on the lower ground level of the North Side at the pedestrian entry from Hudson Avenue, near Mayne Rugs.

Free Wi-Fi

Enjoy free Wi-Fi while you shop or relax in centre.

Evie Charging Stations

Evie Charging Stations are located in the South side LG carpark.